Pocket Springs: The Backbone of Mattress Comfort

In the realm of comfortable and supportive mattresses, pocket springs have emerged as a game-changer. They revolutionized mattress comfort, ensuring quality sleep by integrating cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design.

Pocket springs are more than just metallic inserts; they're the essence of a restful slumber.

Understanding Pocket Springs

Pocket springs are individually encased springs within non-woven material, designed to respond independently to pressure. They function autonomously, contouring to the body's shape and weight distribution. This adaptability minimizes disturbances, offering an uninterrupted and restful night's sleep. These springs, also known as encased coils, represent a significant departure from traditional interconnected spring systems. Pocket springs play a crucial role in the comfort and support of mattresses, ushering in a new era of sleep innovation.

Mitol's Termokol 2622: A Game-Changing Adhesive

Mitol, in collaboration with major manufacturers, is at the forefront of innovation in adhesive solutions. Whether discussing woodworking adhesives that secure the furniture supporting your mattress or assembly gluing within the mattress itself, Mitol is here to support you every step of the way.

For the adhesive needs in pocket spring assembly, Mitol offers an extensive range of top-tier EVA- and MePO-based hot melts suitable for both automatic and semi-automatic production lines. Mitol’s pocket spring adhesives conform to the standards for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) content, ensuring the safe production of mattresses. Mitol is committed to actively advancing the development of formulations that incorporate bio-based materials wherever possible, aligning with eco-conscious practices and adapting to evolving market demands.

Moreover, in the assembly gluing of mattresses, Mitol introduces newly developed APAO-based polyolefin hot melts. Distinguished by their prolonged open time, exceptional adhesion, flexibility, and the ability to form robust bonds among various combinations of flexible non-woven fibers. These adhesives cater to both manual and automatic applications, excelling in scenarios requiring extended open time and high initial hot tack.

Termokol 2622, their flagship product, undergoes rigorous testing aligned with specific production line characteristics. Its formulation is customizable, catering to various application methods and non-woven materials. The constant quality guarantees the manufacturer fewer machine adjustments. If any are still needed, Mitol excels at customer service - their technicians visit the manufacturer, test the adhesives application on the production line, and provide advice on finetuning the adhesives application machine parameters. Resulting in fast reaction times, minimum interference with production capabilities, minimal wastage, and highest quality.

The exceptional characteristic that distinguishes Termokol 2622 is its unmatched adaptability.

Advantages and Versatility of Termokol 2622

The remarkable characteristics of Termokol 2622 significantly enhance the mattress manufacturing process. Its quality enables precise application, reducing nozzle clogging and excess glue usage. Manufacturers experience fewer disruptions, leading to heightened productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, Mitol's commitment to customization ensures adaptability to varying production line characteristics. Whether it's a slow or fast line, spray, or room application, Termokol 2622's formulation seamlessly adjusts. The ability to modify recipes based on raw material availability or new polymer developments underscores Mitol's proactive approach to innovation.

To wrap up

Mitol provides a diverse range of assembly adhesives, catering to various industrial processes and tailored to meet specific customer demands. These high-performance adhesives are revolutionary solutions designed for assembling an array of products, including woodworking adhesives, adhesives for sandwich panels, mattresses, pocket springs, filters, and various plastic materials. Whether it's for constructing sandwich panels or ensuring the seamless assembly of mattresses and pocket springs, Mitol's assembly adhesives stand as innovative solutions, addressing the distinct requirements of each industrial process with precision and efficacy.

Crafting premium mattress structures goes beyond mere springs – it's about precision, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Mitol’s Termokol 2622 embodies these ideals, ensuring that every sleep is a luxurious experience, one pocket spring at a time.

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